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Estimated Value million to millions U.S. dollars. The Princess of Dress Auction Photographs by Tim Graham of Princess Diana. I call this surviving collection of ten rescued and restored original LIFESIZE Royal Portraits ” The Princess Dress Auction Portrait Photographs ” simply because The Princess used them here in New York City, and to honor the late Princess. This Natural Lifesize Royal Portrait by Tim Graham shows Princess Diana as if she were a angel in white . The auction opened with the dress she is wearing. In this high resolution photographic art work. The Dress was lot number 1 and this photograph was the artwork prepared to show, how The Princess looked in the regalia she was auctioning for Cancer & A.I.D.S.. The fact was that Ellen Petho ” a multiple dress buyer ” whom which I personally spoke too said that she was dismayed at the treatment the photographs received after Princess Diana’s death in Paris, because she had wanted the photos to display with the dresses she purchased, but as other buyers were told, The Princess wanted to keep the photos for herself, probably to sign them and then auction them off for one of her causes . The Photograph is A Tim Graham Original Royal Artwork, that is priceless because of the virtue associated with the artwork of the world’s most elegant woman on the face of the planet. The condition of the Lifesize Royal Portraits are excellent, in the manner that the photos were framed more than 10 years ago behind acid proof plexiglass which not only protected the photo from dust and time , but also refracted what ever light damage that would have also occurred , the color of the photos and the images are as brilliant, crisp ,bright and vibrant as the day I discovered them, the photos are laid back on waterproof particle board 1/2 inch thick panels This portrait Does Not Have any razorcuts, by some miracle it escaped being razored, in the aristrocratic political war to erase from history; The Most Important Historical Photographic Documentation of Princess Diana’s Greatest Cancer& A.I.D.S. Event. I have taken 3 of the ten photos out of the frames to photograph them, because the plexiglass does not let you take a clear picture without a lot of glare reflecting, but in the future I will not be removing any photo’s from its frame, it has proven to be an undaunting task to put the ones I took out of the frames, back in to the frames, they were taken out of, besides if you decide to buy any photo you must see it first, before we finalize any deal , and I would personally like to meet you , there will also be a lot of publicity with this purchase, because of the subject matter, and remember that any damage that these priceless works of art incurred after Princess Diana’s death were likened to a flag that has been through a war, and is tatered and torn , the marks are like badges of honor and only make the surviving Lifesize Royal Photos more miraculous that they still exist , The photos survived a political aristocratic war because my Lord and God put me at the right place, at the right time, riding with my van, heading home to Queens NY . Please take note that Tim Graham and Getty Images own all copyright and intellectual property rights. We are only selling the photo that Herman is holding. These photos are historic on a global scale and were meant for a greater good they are, 20th century English history and American history . Iconic Art that will last for untold ages, Which will be priceless in the near future.The Lifesize Portriat photos and their true to lifestory were reconized by the “New York Historical Society” at an exhibition titled “New York inside out”. Tim Graham is one of the most important Royal photographers on the planet, they are already priceless. .