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This signature photo for the dress auction was in the window of the former English Auction house called Christies located at 59th street & Park Ave in New York City . Noted by the art world as being The Most Important Historical Charitable Photographical Documentation of Princess Diana in the world. In this image Tim Graham’s collage mixed media fine art photography distictivness under scores the reason why Getty Images has exclusive intelectual property rights and copyright license ( Only the original art work  photo by Royal photographer Tim Graham , that Herman Matos Morales is holding in his hands is being sold ) The photograph which is of the finest high resolution quality were created in London for the Princess  and was placed next and behind the dresses to show how Princess Diana looked in the dress or to commemorate the occassion for which she wore the dress.They are 20 th century Masterpieces by Tim Graham and exhibited with Princess Diana’s permission on two continents. Of course, an artist sometimes does not relize he is creating a Masterpiece. It is the public that declares it a Masterpiece and 600 million viewers worldwide over the last 14 years have said just that ,they are Museum Quality after all the late Princess had to OK  the commission of the photos at some point in time.  The photo measures 52 inches long and 35 inches high and is laid back on waterproof particle board  panel 1/2 inch thick ;  the photo has four box cutter  surfuce slashes  (2 are 12 inches long  one 6 inches long and 1-5 inches long ,  The photo was discovered on the side walks of New York by 59th st and Park ave, rolled over with dark blue paint{ New York Post Oct 10 ,1997 Page Six, celebrity news .} and slashed with box cutters.The photo aired on The Geraldo Rivera show with Cindy Adams .. ,  as for this photo , Estimated Value is ? million to ? million U.S. dollars , the cuts on the surface are restorable but for historical reasons I left them that way. they can be restored . Their treatment of the photos were politically  motivated . The statute of limitations for  Found property have been satisfied a legal bill of sale will be issued . I am a New York State Notary Public and  in Who ‘s Who in America .. Shipping will be resolved at time of sale. View photograph  in NYC….Remember this is the original work of art  that was in the window at Christies Auction House , in  London England and New York City relating to Princess Diana’s Charitable work . These are iconic photos by Tim Graham an important photographer artist ,Only one set was made and this is an original . The LifesizeRoyal Portriats and there  true story were reconized by The New York Historical Society at an exhibition titled New York  Inside / out  in the year 2000.                    Thank You Herman Joseph Matos Morales.

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