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 Estimated Value  Million dollars too ? million dollars U.S. Size 63″x42″ High resolution fine art photography laid back on 20th century water resistant partical wood panel,Condition issues are 5 box cutter slices on the surface ( 2 by the Arabian’s head 3 by the bottom of Diana’s dress10 inches long each), also a slight lift on photo paper where 2 cuts intersect , all of which are restorable, but for historical reasons I left them as I discovered them in New York City 14 years ago on Oct. 3 1997 .They are from Princess Diana’s greatest charitable event. My name is Herman Matos Morales. It was for the charitable cause of Cancer & A.I.D.S. for Cornell-Wiel  Hospital  that the great royal photographer Tim Graham created these important works of art for Princess Diana’s Royal Gown  Auction Exhibition in London England on June 2nd, 1997, then exhibited in New York City on June 25 th 1997 at Christies. The  story &photos exhibited at The New York Historical Society {Inside/out Exibit} 2000 also seen on The Geraldo Rivera Show,over 600 million worldwide on TV &  papers, National Treasures on 2 continenents. Only the Original artwork is being sold. Intelectual & copyright properties belong to Tim Graham & Getty Images. Statute of limitations for FOUND PROPERTY  has been satisfied,a legal bill of sale will be issued , I am a New York State Notary Public and listed in Who is Who in America   We have 9  more original different photos from the Gown& dress auction avalible, also film rights will be sold, a book is also in the works. Must clear security check screen for private view.   We are on The Community Advisory Board for the “Cornell Hospital Clinical Trials Unit” since1998 and plan to use a large share of the funds to continue the fight for the cures.  There is much more than meets the eye with this story .  We will be glad to answer any of your Questions. Our Question? Who is the Arabian Prince in the photo with The Princess,  please note this was the original Portrait that hung at the 2 exhibitions when Princess Diana was Alive and present at that space & time. at Christies Auction house. .  .   Thank You Herman. 

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