Welcome, The objective of this web site will be to establish a criteria to understand and evaluate, the most important original life size historical photographical documentation of the late Princess Diana on the face of the planet.
  Exhibited on two continents, this original collection of 10 life size fine art royal portrait photographs both natural and formal, are by renowned royal photographer TIM GRAHAM and were commissioned by Princess Diana herself and were once her personal property.
   Proof of this statement is in the conversation that I had many years ago with Ellen Petho from Boca Raton, Florida, who said to me, that, after the auction of regalia ” dresses & gowns ” she requested that the fine art photographs which complemented the regalia she had purchased be given to her with the dresses, after all Ellen Petho spent a large amount of money at the charity auction for A.I.D.S. & Cancer, but instead Ellen was told, she had only bought the dresses and not the art work photographs, and that the photographs were by royal photographer TIM GRAHAM and that the life size photographs would be returned to Princess Diana, the Princess was still alive on June.25,1997. the day of the auction. Note: that Tim Graham had already in the past photographed Prince William and Prince Harry at Kensington Palace in England. One tends to come to the conclusion that the late Princess Diana probably wanted the life size art works of herself to sign them and sell or auction them off to raise funds for her causes of A.I.D.S. & Cancer. 
   I am a patient at “Cornell Clinical Trails Unit”, I was one of the people that Princess Diana helped with her auction of regalia, my hope is to Establish the Worlds first Charitable Auction house here in New York City to keep raising funds for Princess Diana’s charities and some of mine.
 I am  a licensed “New York City Auctioneer” and “New York state Real Estate Broker” and “New York state Notary Public”. Thank You. Herman Matos Morales and Carlos E. Cuevas.